Sydney Bush Walkers

For more than 80 years members of the Sydney Bushwalking Club have been exploring, on foot, the natural environment. Sometimes walking for a few hours, sometimes for a few weeks, they have been independent travellers, carrying their supplies on their backs and using their skills in the bush to navigate, camp and have fun.

Many members make friendships that last a lifetime. Although there can be hills to climb and kilometres to walk, there is plenty of fun, stunning views, pristine swimming holes, beautiful campsites and lots of laughter.


5 Responses to “About SBW”

  1. As the internets other SBW I just had to drop by to say Hi.
    If I’m ever in Sydney, I’ll be in touch


  2. TT Says:

    Practical philosophy
    Sometimes, bushwalking teaches us that no amount of anxiety, stress, tantrums or wishful thinking will make a hill easier or shorter. That is a valuable lesson in life. The problems do not go away, we just learn (sometimes resistantly) that all we can do is place one foot in front of the other.
    That is a valuable life lesson!

  3. TM Says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I think you already have your philosophical page under the heading of camping. I don’t believe their is much to discuss philosophically about bushwalking accept that if you have problems in life, go bush and they will all be solved by the positive affect of the bush, as long as you can find harmony with the bush.
    I’d like to hear from our prospective members and new members as to what they expect to get out of bushwalking because I believe that most people join a bushwalking club for all the wrong reasons and only a few then realise what it is all about and continue to be involved.

  4. Patrick McNaught Says:

    Would people be interested in a Philosophical page on the website where just about everything we discuss could be posted e.g. Why do we walk
    Relevant Poems such as “the Man from Snowy River”
    Conservation Issues etc etc
    Come on all you amateur(or otherwise) philosophers – all you would have to do is send in an article and you have a good chance of it being published. It could perhaps be in either what we do or members areas

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